Texans Need Healthcare

I fought to enact a law and supported bills that puts protections and access to healthcare for all Texans.

I want to ensure all Texans have access to quality healthcare. I will work on expanding affordable medical coverage to improve overall health, through preventative care programs. I will fight against any law that attempts to take away protections and access to healthcare.


Our Education System Is Important

Investing in our teachers, students, and neighborhood schools has to be a top priority for the state and I will continue to make this my top priority in Austin. Last legislative session I coauthored House Bill 3, which invested $11 billion in our public education.

I believe we need to increase teacher pay, provide additional training and support for our teachers, and fully fund all day Pre-K. These are all areas where we need improvements and where our spending should be concentrated. We still have much work to do to improve our public education.


Small Businesses Are The Heart Of Our Communities

I support our local economy and our small business owners within our communities, as they are the heart of our communities. I want to continue to foster an atmosphere, where Texans can continue to start companies, create jobs and employ local residents.

As such, in order to ready Texas for the future we need to look at new ways of helping out people who have no intentions of going to college, with vocational training. Some of our school districts are already doing this, and we need to look at those success to ensure our citizens have a good job, with a livable wage.

Racial Justice

There Is More That Unites Us Than Divides Us

While important gains have been made over the years in education, societal change, politics and several other areas, deeply rooted systemic racism does exist and unfortunately has persisted. Communities of color have continued to suffer inequities that leave them at a disadvantage in our society.

I’m willing to work with leadership at all levels of government and others in our community who are unafraid to have the uncomfortable conversations necessary to find solutions, eliminate racial inequities, and eradicate racism. It will take all of us, working through this together, to find common ground solutions that will push us forward and in the right direction.

I believe that Texas can and will lead the way for our nation. If true racial reconciliation is the goal, we have to believe that there is more that unites than divides us and that we are more alike than we are different.


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