An Open Letter to the Voters of Texas House District 113

An Open Letter to the Voters of Texas House District 113

When I decided to run for public office, I knew it would be a humbling responsibility and an honor if elected. I also knew that it would come with its share of criticisms, questions, and attacks on my character. I am prepared for those attacks because I have always tried to live my life as a Godly woman that would make my family proud. I have made my home in this community for over 20 years. This is where my husband John and I have I raised children, developed friendships that will last a lifetime, and created the memories that I hold the closest to my heart.

I have gotten to know you, and you have gotten to know me. We have shopped at the same grocery stores, eaten together at local restaurants, supported our school teams and marching bands under the Friday night lights, attended PTA meetings, and watched as our community and families grew together. I am someone who understands the needs of our community and can be counted on to serve you.

By contrast, Will Douglas and his large-donor backers have conducted a campaign of lies, misinformation, and character assassination that I have never experienced before. They have gone so far as to violate Title 15 of the Texas Election Code by misrepresenting Douglas as being the incumbent. They are betting on YOU not being smart enough to know who and what you are voting for.

In recent days, we have observed multiple violations of the rules governing voter contact, including harassment and intimidation tactics at polling locations. I have been verbally assaulted and threatened by Douglas supporters on more than one occasion. I don’t want this to be what we have come to in our community, in our country. I still believe that common decency and civility is critical to public discourse.

Now here are some facts about Will Douglas:

  • Will Douglas doesn’t live here. He doesn’t pay taxes here. He lives in Uptown Dallas.
    • His billionaire backers helped him rent a trailer in Seagoville so that he could file to be on the ballot in this district.
    • We are not sure if that meets residency requirements for running for this seat.
  • Will Douglas doesn’t know us or our families. He has no ties to our community.
    • He is not motivated by helping the people of this district.
    • He’s not from East Dallas and has no business in East Dallas. Like Trump, Douglas is an opportunist looking for an audience.
    • As an aspiring politician, Douglas saw an opportunity to manipulate the rules to find a place to launch his political career. This is known as “district shopping”.
  • Will Douglas is a die-hard Trump supporter who promotes Trump’s agenda.
    • He endorses Trump’s divisive, destructive rhetoric, and wants to bring that to Austin.
    • He defends Trump’s failed COVID 19 response.
  • Will Douglas wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act
    • This will block millions of Texans from access to affordable healthcare and prescription drugs.
    • He will not protect those with pre-existing conditions
  • Will Douglas wants to defund public schools.
    • He’ll divert taxpayer money to corporate, for-profit charter schools which hurts poor families and people of color.

Support my reelection campaign and send me back to Austin to be YOUR representative. As Vice President Joe Biden has said, “This election is about the soul and character of this country. There is too much at stake.” #HD113 #VoteSafe #Txlege

Rep. Rhetta Bowers

Texas House of Representatives, HD 113