Stay Focused on What’s Important

Rep. Rhetta Bowers Focused on What’s Important to HD 113

In times of crisis and uncertainty, it can sometimes be difficult to stay focused on things that are truly important: taking care of your health, providing for your family, and helping your neighbor when you can. These are basic values that are important to Texans and important to me.

Some want you to believe that large corporations and big business profits are the most important things. They give the illusion of caring about the needs of the community with a political photo op, or as we saw yesterday, spending taxpayer dollars to fly from Washington to Dallas for a community roundtable without inviting the leaders of the community – like a city mayor, district attorney, or police chief.

No amount is to big or small to ensure that
Rep Rhetta Andrews Bowers is able to deliver real solutions.

Last night, the real reason for this appearance was to dine with big money donors giving $580,600 per couple. The event earlier in the day was more of a publicity stunt rather than a forum to bring forward any real solutions to the issues that Texans are facing.

You elected me in 2016 to serve our community, and I have been working hard to do just that. I have been participating in community forums, like the Mesquite Economic Recovery Task Force Meeting (pictured), that include city leaders across the district working on economic recovery efforts. I have been speaking directly with residents of HD 113, and working with my colleagues across the aisle to push for bipartisan legislation to benefit the district and Texas. I am focused on the needs of our community and I need your support to keep doing this work for you!

Rep. Rhetta Andrews Bowers works for YOU!
She is OUR voice in Austin!
Help her to keep fighting for US!