HD 113 needs new leadership in Austin

Rhetta is Ready

Rhetta is and has been an advocate for her city, community and family. Rhetta is the new leadership HD 113 needs in Austin!

We are concerned about the issues everyday texans are facing, and are ready to lead texas in the right direction.


Rhetta speaking with students

Investing in our teachers, students, and neighborhood schools has to be a top priority for the state and I will make this my top priority in Austin.

I believe we need to increase teacher pay, provide additional training and support for our teachers, and fully fund all day Pre-K. These are all areas where we need improvements and where our spending should be concentrated.

Rhetta speaking with a local business owner by Tania Ware www.webdevft.com

I support our local economy and our small business owners within our communities. I want to continue to foster an atmosphere, where Texans can continue to create jobs.

As such, in order to ready Texas for the future we need to look at new ways of helping out people who have no intentions of going to college, with vocational training. Some of our school districts are already doing this, and we need to look at those success to ensure our citizens have a good job, with a livable wage.

Rhetta with a young supporter

I want to ensure all Texans have access to quality healthcare. I will work on expanding affordable medical coverage to improve overall health, through preventative care programs. I will fight against any law that attempts to take away protections and access to healthcare.

Vehicles moving along road

I support an increase in transportation funding to alleviate our current state of congested roadways and safety crisis in North Texas and all across the state. In our district congestion is making the expansion of 635 necessary.

I would only support adding toll roads and managed lanes to speed up the process and more so managed lanes to give our citizens options. The option to use toll roads or not.

Rhetta speaking at the Dallas Women's March 2018

Why Rhetta?

As a community Activist and Advocate, I have seen how the state has made it a priority to ignore the people of Texas House District 113. I have made it my priority to speak up when others may stay silent on issues that are affecting our community.

Last year I testified on the Texas Senate floor against SB 4 and took a stance against legislation that will only continue to widen the divide in our communities and does not foster a communal relationship with our law enforcement and authorities.

I also made sure women all across Dallas, were able to voice their opposition to the current administration. We spoke loud and our voice was heard by those in our state and all across the country.

These last two years, I chaired the Dallas Women’s March, and made sure we stood strong against the attacks from our state government and the current administration.

This year we have an opportunity to continue the progress and vote for leaders who actually represent the people of Texas House District 113.

I am here not only speak up, but to work on behalf of the people of Texas House District 113. I am here, because of your support, and I hope you will support this campaign to make change in Austin, TX.

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